Kualitas Air di Sekitar Eks Tempat Pembuangan Akhir Karya Jaya Palembang

Grecy Mulyasari, Munawar Munawar, A Napoleon


One of the pollutants is the landfill that is too close to the water sources. Solid waste that discharged into the final disposal area (TPA) will produce wastewater that could contaminate water consumed by residents in the surrounding of final disposal area. This study aims to determine the concentration in water from various distances from final isposal area and also identifying the effects of waste on water quality of leachate and water quality of leachate due to the quality of ground water and surface water. The type of research was quantitative research. This research used stratified random sampling with
certained distance. All the samples taken from leachate (1-600 m), ground water (1-800 m), and surface water (1-1.200 m). The parameters that estimated influence were analyzed by correlation and regression statistic. From the research results obtained, most of the concentration of pollutant at a distance of 100 m, 400 m, 800 m, and 1.200 m shown the strong relation parameter for Total coliform and COD. For lower and lowest shown by parameter pH, NH3, TSS, Mn, DO, temperature and Fe. The estimated statistic
obtained average of coefficient determination (r2) shown relation the distance of final disposal area influenced to determinate 88% of coliform. In while, strongest relation between the leachate to the quality of ground water and surface water shown by parameter pH, for strong relation shown by parameter Total coliform, TSS and DO for enough relation shown by Mn, temperature, and low relation is NH3. The estimated statistic obtained average of coefficient determination (r2) 0,87 shown relation the leachate to determinate water quality 87% of pH. Based on the research results also obtained water quality from final disposal area still meet the standards defined quality in The Governor`s of South Sumatra No.16 at 2005 and the Health Minister 416/MENKES/PER/X/1990.

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