Isolasi dan Penapisan Cendawan Endofit Akar Asal Ekosistem Mangrove Cagar Alam Pulau Dua Banten

Rida Oktorida Khastini, Pipit Marianingsih, Siti Syauqiyah Fitri


A little information about potential microorganism diversity especially root endophytic fungi associated with mangrove plants in Pulau Dua Sanctuary Banten. In order to have more information about it, this research aims were to isolate and screen the fungi. About 20 fungal isolates have been succeeded to be isolated. Fungal morphology characters including somatic and reproductive structure have been observed using microscope. The result showed that in general root endophytic fungi associated with mangrove plants have aseptate hyphae. Fungal colonies have color in range of greyish white to dark color and have slow growth rate. The other character of root endophytic fungi that have been observed was the production of phosphate degradation of enzyme

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